Late night, watching television, but how did we get in this position ?

by lulasaysdotnet

“I’m back, hope you’re okay. Tell me if you want to hangout sometime”

I’m sorry it took so long to answer, I was busy figuring out if I still hate you. And honestly, I still don’t know. I’m still not answering and it’s probably already too late.

“Damn you’ve got the finest ass.

– Well… Thank you I guess ?”

So I have the finest ass, the smoothest skin, the softest hair and the prettiest smile, I have a dark spot in my right eye, and you like this mole. How did I get that scar, it really doesn’t look like I’m shy when you don’t know me and how come that I’m so insecure ? You miss me in the morning, you want me sometimes at work, you’re losing your focus and your mind. You’ll think about me everytime you see an avocado for the rest of your life and this song is forever ours.

I have the finest ass and you’ve got a really really fine girlfriend.

[insert here every damn word you say to me]

Every sentence is a punchline. Every time is smarter and funnier than the last.

I like you so much it hurts.